Brighter Days

by Wind In Sails

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Kritsada Saithongkam
Kritsada Saithongkam thumbnail
Kritsada Saithongkam This Album Is Meaningful To Me. I've Got A Lot Of Inspiration From Evan. This Is Why I Love Him & This Album Favorite track: breathe.
Jimmy Bentley
Jimmy Bentley thumbnail
Jimmy Bentley I've been a fan of Vanna for quite some time and was saddened when I found out Evan was no longer in the band, but I soon realized he started a new project. This album is incredible and a breath of fresh air. It fits your voice so well Evan. I love everything about it! Favorite track: abandon.
Aj LaGambina
Aj LaGambina thumbnail
Aj LaGambina I've loved Evan since "This will be our little secret" (and that wasn't even that great of an EP) This album seems to be a natural step for him since leaving Vanna. Looking forward to future releases. Favorite track: live.
Scott D Reisher
Scott D Reisher thumbnail
Scott D Reisher Evan's first solo-offering is a solid one. Great tunes from a great dude. Favorite track: live.
Adam Greguš
Adam Greguš thumbnail
Adam Greguš Personally, one of the biggest surprises of late 2012. Very catchy album, songs, melodies, vocals. This is the best way how Evan could carry on after leaving Vanna. Support him. He totally deserves it! Favorite track: murder backwards.
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This is the first full length record from Evan Pharmakis' solo project Wind In sails. This record is made up of deeply heartfelt songs of hope and positivity.Taking influence from 90's alternative bands like The Goo Goo Dolls, and Gin Blossoms and mixing it with more current folk rock similiar to City and Colour and Bon iver. Its a piece of art straight from the heart of an honest musician.


released October 12, 2012

all music and lyrics written by Evan Tyler Pharmakis

recorded, produced and engineered by Christopher Curran

additional instrumentation by Christopher Curran, Daniel Roth, and Chris Campbell

Id like to say thank you to anyone who's believed in me and supported my music. Whether you just heard about my music or have followed me since my old projects, thank you for sticking by me. I hope i can continue to make people happy with my music.



all rights reserved


Wind In Sails Newport, Rhode Island

Wind In Sails is the moniker of solo artist Evan Pharmakis. A Rhode Island based Singer-Songwriter, creating music that's a perfect blend of folk/indie/alt-country.

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Track Name: abandon
So this is it, what we came here for
Done abandon your hope, No, Dont get lost in it all
Just keep holding on, keep sleeping soundly
Ill sing you a song, just keep dreaming about me
Keep me as close as the clothes on your skin
While your wearing me out, ill be wearing you in

Is this what you want, are you where you want to be now
can i keep you close, can i take you home with me now
can we watch our lives play out

You told me once just isnt enough
So i keep on trying to double it up
You said stay where you are, stay where i can see you
Be true to your heart, its about what you can get through for me
for you, for me, for me

Track Name: deep down
This isn't easy to say, but i think its time that i got moving on
So ill keep my thoughts focused on today
and hope that I'm happy with where i end up

There comes a time in all our lives
when we start living life for ourselves
its not selfish to follow your heart
to start reaching out for something more, for anything more

I always thought that we were friends in the truest sense
some things never really are what they seem to be
I always hoped that we'd be better off in the end
I'm better off without you, i hope your better off without me

Just a word of advice, its not about fame or the fortunes you make
its about heart, and staying the same
not losing sight of yourself in this game...I'm folding
ill start over from scratch, do this on my own
at least then i know if it all falls apart it all falls down on me
There's no one to blame for choices i make, I'm finally free
im finally free

....deep down
i always knew we weren't friends in the bitter end so
i bit my tongue until my mouth filled with blood
i always felt the weight of jealous negativity
i'm better off without you
I'll always be better off without you
Track Name: live
This is where the truth finally hits your ears
everything connects, and all at once makes perfect sense
Regrets, living blindly only held you back, and this is where you'll find

There's no way out, you did this to yourself
There's nothing left now, your just getting lost in this
So get yourself out, reach down inside yourself
and pull yourself out, its time for you to live with this

This is when the earth finally hit the moon
everything went black, and all at once lit up again
relapse, learn to live your life and nothing less
and that will calm your heart just when you find...


with this.....

Oh how did I, how do i live
Oh how did I live through this
Track Name: murder backwards
I still see it in my mind, the places i have been and what I've left behind
The streets of Glasgow were a blur, what's familiarity, yea, what's it worth

I think its time that you all know
that this was all about letting go

if i took my time and hurried up
would my efforts made still be enough
If i kept my head clean for a bit
with hopes i washed my hands of it


ill set the record straight and say, I'm alright with where i am today
moving on to brighter days
without a compass, without a map, with no knowledge of future paths
I'm ready to give up on looking back

Track Name: set adrift
Id walk for days if it would ease my troubled mind
the truth is I'm still trying to find a means of settling
Down this old road, set adrift in this old town
ill lay awake in this old house or maybe just sleep the hours away
maybe ill just sleep them all away

Its been a while since i have held you in my arms
now that winters just upon us now means darker days and longer hours
spent waiting for you to come walking through the door
take your coat off for a while and let the night unfold itself

Its never been easy to leave
and your never too far from my mind
while waiting ill search for you in dreams
just to pass the time

i wasted time thinking of how you did me wrong
all the beauty that you gave this place still couldn't take the pain away
listening to ghosts speaking faintly in the hall
as they talk of past memories and discontent they share for us all

Track Name: knowing
I think about it a lot
at times maybe more than i should
I've held my hands out over the fire to feel anything i could

I made my mind up on this
built walls to harbor my hopes
I've sat alone in empty fields, searched my heart for all i know

Somewhere in the dark its waiting
to take us all away
Believing s not the same as knowing
where we will arrive in the end

i often feel it near
like its always two steps behind
Its haunted me for most my days its been hiding deep inside

and if i ever make it through the night, i hope ill be arriving just on time
to keep you safe in the places you may hide

Track Name: yours
Ill keep my hands inside of yours
its always felt like home
ill hold so tight it wont feel right
to ever let you go

so keep me close and never stray
ill promise you the same
if we should fall we'll rise again
and never place the blame

take all your love, and what your thinking of, and show it all to me
Track Name: breathe
The day started off like any other
she opens the shades and lights up the room
and she will dress for the day
drink her coffee or tea, and make her way out into the world

There's nothing special about today
give me a break you'll hear her say
in an obvious tone of monotony

There's so much more she wants to be
things to do, places to see
so many places left to see

If she could open up her eyes, to something that makes her feel alive
Don't we all want to feel alive

Just hold on to what makes you feel whole
open your eyes to the great wide unknown
no matter how tough things might seem to become
just know you'll always make it on your own